Fundraising targets 2016-2018

DSC02661The Humanist Schools in Uganda have made considerable progress since January 2009, when Uganda Humanist Schools Trust started to raise money for them.

We hope our supporters will join us in our efforts to help the schools become independent, self-confident and self-sustaining organisations.


Our target for fundraising in 2016-2017 is £120,000.

These priorities have been identified:

  • 10 new boarding scholarships for Senior 1 students in each school in 2017: these bring bright but needy students into the schools as well as helping to underwrite the running costs of the schools, which benefits all children. Boarding allows the schools to care for the most vulnerable students. Also we are finding that boarding students have higher educational achievement, by virtue of having a secure place to live with access to study resources and facilities in the evenings and at weekends.
  • Books and other learning resources: creating a resource rich environment empowers students in the Humanist Schools to learn independently. This is an important factor in improving exam results. As the schools grow they need more materials, including hitherto neglected areas such as Fine Art and Sculpture.
  • Maintenance of existing buildings: buildings need constant renewal of plasterwork, floors, windows, doors and painting.
  • Support for teachers: we have introduced and want to extend a system of bonus payments for teachers in order to improve rewards and to encourage the retention of staff. Allowances are needed for special responsibilities e.g. Humanist counsellor, Reading for Pleasure and independent learning coordinators. We also wish to formalise regular staff development and training, including conferences which bring together teachers in the Humanist Schools to share good practice.
  • Medical Rooms and Dispensaries: each school has a health centre but we need to spend more on furniture, equipment, medicines etc.

Infrastructure requirements of each school are:

Mustard Seed School

  • Construction of a new hall (£30,000)
  • Conversion of the old hall into a library, study space and information centre with on-line computers (£6,500)
  • Improving facilities in the science labs (£4,000)
  • Fencing the playing field (£2,500)
  • Improving school food (£1,000)
  • Teachers’ housing (£15,000)

Isaac Newton High School

  • Extension of mains electricity (£11,000 funded by members of Leicester Secular Society and a British Supporter in California)
  • Construction of a second girls’ hostel (£30,000 pledged by St Louis Ethical Society)
  • Construction of multi-media classroom block: 3 classrooms, science lab, teachers’ work and training room and storerooms. All equipped with laptop computers and data projectors. (£40,000)
  • Library and information centre (£25,000)
  • Dining hall/study area (£20,000)
  • Teachers’ housing (£15,000)

Would you be willing to help?

  1. Individual cash donations can be directed to the most pressing priority at the time.
  2. Targeted fundraising for specific large items in excess of £1000. This might appeal to groups wishing to organise fundraising events. We are happy to discuss with the schools and donors the most appropriate targets for such efforts.
  3. Boarding scholarships for the safe schooling of needy children. £300 annually (£25 per month as a standing order) meets the costs for one year of boarding school fees. A commitment to see a child through 4 years of education to O-level is particularly welcome. We also welcome half scholarships costing £150 a year (£12.50 per month as a standing order).

If you are willing to help the Humanist schools to provide much needed schooling to children in Uganda, please send a cheque made out to:

“Uganda Humanist Schools Trust”:
Address: 31 Greenmeadows Road, Madeley, CREWE, CW3 9EY, UK.

Please say whether your money is for (a) a cash donation or (b) scholarship and, if you are a UK tax payer please consider givin us permission to Gift Aid your donation (HMRC top up your donation by 25%).

If you belong to a group and are interested in identifying a large item for targeted fundraising then please discuss this with Steve Hurd Tel. 01782 750338.


General enquiries:



Copies of a fundraising leaflet with a form for completion of your information are in this PDF file.

You can make regular donations using the following standingorderform.