Humanist students’ Away Day

In 2016 Isaac Newton High School set up a Humanist Association to promote humanist values and put them into practice by working in the local community. They decided to offer practical help to some of the poorest members of the nearby village and chose to focus particularly on hygiene and sanitation. The projects they have helped with include repairing old pit latrines, making racks for drying utensils to keep them off the ground and giving soap to these poor families.

To celebrate their efforts the School Director and the teacher who runs the Humanist Association arranged for them to have a day trip to nearby Lake Nabagabo so they could discuss Humanist ideas and relax together.

There is a small beach resort there with a café and some basic accommodation. Unlike most lakes in Uganda, it is considered safe to swim in because the high copper content of the water makes it unsuitable for the small water snail that harbours the human parasite Schistosoma which causes much morbidity in Africa. These are blood flukes which live in the vessels surrounding the bladder or the intestine.

The young humanists enjoyed games of football and volley ball and going for a boat ride. Some of them even braved the water to try swimming. They also enjoyed a meal and a soft drink, a welcome change from school meals. Here are two descriptions of their day, written by Thembo Paul and Bwambale Robert, two students who attended the Kasase Humanist Primary School and have UHST scholarships to enable them to attend Isaac Newton High.

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