Positive Report from Mustard Seed School Director

One of two new water tanks inked to the high pressure water main

The latest Annual Report by Moses Kamya, the Mustard Seed School’s Director, outlines substantial progress during 2017.

At last the school’s long-standing water shortage is within sight of relief following the completion of a new high pressure water pipe from a new pumping station on the River Nile. By providing additional unplanned money three-quarters of a kilometer of the underground pipe is being moved out of the way of a new road construction project. It is hoped that the water authority will begin pumping water by the start of the new school year in February.

The completion of a new 4-classroom block will also allow the school to halve class sizes by running two parallel classes in each year. The full report can be downloaded from the blog on the UHST website: http://www.ugandahumanistschoolstrust.org/2017/12/positive-report-from-mustard-seed-school-director/.

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