Non-Prophet Week fundraising effort for UHST

ahsWe are very grateful to the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies (The AHS: which has raised £2,794.60 to help the Humanist Schools in Uganda. Each year AHS runs a Non-Prophet Week that encourages member societies in universities in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland to raise money for a charitable cause. Uganda Humanist Schools Trust was their chosen charity for 2014. Student groups affiliated to the AHS undertook a wide range of sponsored events in the week of 20 – 27th October. Activities included, among other things, a solo static line parachute jump, sponsored cycle rides and walks and the money has rolled in over the weeks that followed.

Martin Smith, the Executive Secretary of AHS, said: “We decided to support UHST because they symbolise the practical aspect of Humanism and represent an excellent cause that sends a clear message to the student community of just how committed AHS is to the practical expression of Humanist values. We liked the fact that Uganda Humanist Schools Trust helps a number of schools in Uganda to provide a liberal secular education to needy children irrespective of race or faith.

An education is something we are all fortunate enough to have. We were born into a country that could supply that education, in some cases pay for that education too. We are all humanists, and I absolutely believe that being a humanist means taking an active part in improving the lives of our fellow humans across the world. Humanism is after all, ‘for the one life we have’.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to organize a fundraising effort for a cause that touches the hearts of so many people, as is clearly demonstrated.”

The number of students in the Humanist Schools in Uganda is expanding rapidly and UHST has been finding it difficult to keep pace with the need for additional learning resources. As Humanists we believe strongly that students should learn in a resource rich environment so that they can acquire the skills needed to become independent learners and learn to evaluate information from a range of sources before making up their own minds on issues. The substantial amount of money raised by AHS will be used to restock the Humanist schools with books and science materials. When the money is sent to Uganda in the next few weeks it will go in the name of AHS and the schools will relay to AHS their own personal thanks for the huge efforts that have been made on their behalf.

A final word from Martin Smith: “It has been so incredible to see so many people moved to fund raise in many different ways, and it is always wonderful to hear that the money will be used in such a terrific way.

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